Crowdfund with a Little Help From Your Friends — Fundly Has Raised More Than $330M Through Its Versatile, Facebook-Integrated Platform

In a Nutshell: Online fundraising has become increasingly popular over the years, but how projects are funded, what types of projects can be funded, and ease-of-use can vary. The flexible crowdfunding site, Fundly, allows individuals and nonprofits to set up fundraising campaigns for nearly any purpose, from medical expenses to startup business costs. Campaigns are easy to set up, whether you’re a novice fundraiser or a seasoned pro, and can be embedded and easily shared on Facebook as well. People are more likely to support a cause from someone they know, and Fundly facilitates this type of social fundraising with giving pages that look great on every device.

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Technology And The Challenge Of Democracy

Information is more available and accessible than ever before, and we are witnessing the power of the crowd to respond to news events with greater impact. As technology continues to play a larger role in our everyday lives, we must ask ourselves what ultimately is the responsibility of technology when it comes to the dissemination of information?

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How to Get Other People to Pay for Your Travel

If you aren’t familiar with the term crowdfunding, it’s really just what it sounds like: getting a crowd of other people to fund your dream, whether it’s a new start-up business, a worthy charitable cause, or, sometimes, just a trip you want to take.

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Teacher raises nearly $80,000 to feed Ferguson kids who can’t get meals at shuttered schools

A teacher in North Carolina has raised nearly $80,000 to feed students from low-income families in Ferguson, Mo., who would ordinarily be getting free lunches at public schools in the St. Louis suburb but can’t because the start of the 2014-15 school year has been delayed twice as a result of civil unrest.

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Fundly: Crowdfunding for the Greater Social Good Interview with Dennis Hu, CEO of Fundly

Excitement abounds for Fundly’s philanthropic crowdfunding. Fundly, the donation-based crowdfunding platform that empowers people, groups and organizations to raise funds for near and dear campaigns, concurrently hosts thousands of active campaigns daily. With over 100,000 campaigns created in the last year, Fundly allows users to create campaigns and leverage social tools to collect donations and supporters by more effectively engaging with their social networks. Fundly recently released a free iOS mobile app available on iTunes the that makes it even easier for fundraisers to manage and run their fundraising campaign straight from their mobile device.

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20 Of The Hottest Tech Startups To Which You Should Send Your CV

In this article you will find 20 extremely interesting tech startups from various fields starting with education and all the way to online advertising. These companies are extremely interesting and if you are looking for a job, I suggest you take a look on their job listings, maybe they have something for you.


Charities Get Holiday Boost From Crowdfunding

During the 2012 holiday season, the growth in online giving outpaced the growth in e-commerce. This season promises to grow even further. One reason is crowdfunding. Small charities are using websites like Fundly to raise money for a wide variety of causes. Crowdfunding solicits small amounts of money from a large number of individuals to finance a project by leveraging social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to reach out to networks of friends, family and colleagues.


Freed From False Murder Conviction, Man Finds Support Online On Fundly

Ryan Ferguson spent a decade imprisoned for a murder he didn’t commit. Now he’s out, and thousands of strangers have rallied behind him. Supporters set up a crowdfunding campaign via the site In one month, nearly 1,700 donors have raised a total of more than $73,000 for Ferguson. The campaign was set to end Thursday, but Rognlien says he’ll extend for a week in hopes of meeting its $100,000 goal.


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Fundly Helps Those Seeking Charitable Causes Find Support

The incredible power of crowdfunding has finally moved into the charitable sector. Fundly, the crowdfunding platform for “social good,” has enabled users to raise more than $305 million to-date for nonprofit, volunteer, political, and personal charitable causes.

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Interview About Fundraising Through Fundly

In this exclusive Interview, Devin Thorpe speaks with Fundly CEO, David Boyce about fundraising through Fundly.


Crowdfunding startups zero in on help for tornado victims

It’s officially a trend. Crowdfunding sites have become a major component in getting relief to the victims of disasters. The latest example is an outpouring of support for campaigns set up on the sites following the tornado that devastated Moore, Oklahoma.


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